The Riviera Neighborhood Association (RNA) was formed in 1994 after a group of residents from the Riviera Section of Coral Gables held a meeting to discuss issues concerning the neighborhood.   Soon thereafter, the group’s mission was adopted.


To preserve and protect the environment and quality of life in and around the Riviera Section of the City of Coral Gables, particularly as it pertains to the residential neighborhoods.


The RNA’s goals are to prevent the construction of commercial or mixed-use structures that are not in scale with the neighborhood which would negatively impact the residential environment and quality of life; prevent private and/or commercial use of public areas; protect green areas; prevent erosion or abuse of city codes, land-use & development codes, ordinances and laws; protest implementation of mixed-use and transit-oriented development overlays on projects adjacent to or within the residential boundaries when they could have a negative affect on the neighborhood; encourage adoption & adherence to a Complete Streets policy & plan which would makes streets & sidewalks safer & more usable by pedestrians, cyclists and motorized vehicles, including physical separation between all forms of mobility; foster workable relations with local governments and elected & administrative officials;  demand an RNA seat-at-the-table on all boards, panels, and advisory committees having authority to discuss & recommend plans or changes within and adjacent to the Riviera neighborhood boundaries.


The RNA believes in taking a pro-active approach which informs homeowners and residents in order to make independent decisions about issues, and, allows them a platform to work with commercial property interests on creative & collaborative plans to satisfy all concerned and affected parties.